Disclosure of anti-Rasmus Paludan campaign: The men behind earns money from cancer donations

Money for cancer and heart disease goes to ‘family father’ leading campaign against Rasmus Paludan and Stram Kurs. The backman of a much-publicized fundraising, which is to promote more immigration, has not told the Danes and the press the whole truth. Nicolai Würtz has emerged as “ordinary family father” well helped by all Danish media. But it is not a completely random ‘good-hearted’ citizen, who got a good idea on a Tuesday night on Facebook. Nicolai Würtz stands as powerful TV manager behind huge money collections for associations such as the Danish Cancer Society and the Heart Association. The truth is that Nicolai Würtz often acts as a professional money collector in his job as a media manager. Only in 2018 did he raise up to DKK 142 million for the Danish Cancer Society. Part of this money goes directly to pay ‘familiare’ Nicolai Würtz. Earn big money at the Danish Cancer Society Let’s look at the ‘random family father’ capabilities when it comes to campaigns and fundraising. Each year, when the calendar writes in October, the TV writer Nicolai Würtz pulls in the workwear in connection with what can immediately look like a piece of “benevolent” work. He is going to collect millions of dollars for the campaign ‘Crack Cancer’ for the Danish Cancer Society. But nothing is free when you are a professional money collector. Cancer collection ‘Crack Cancer’ helps pay Nicolai Würtz’s huge monthly salary as a media manager. We’re talking big amounts of money. Here Nicolai Würtz is seen in the so-called “study control” with headphones on, where he is ready to receive millions of Danes’ own money. Behind the scenes is Nicolai Würtz, who manages the battle when the Danes sit and see ‘Crack Cancer’ on the television.

Four simple words from embattled TV host shock viewers

Julie Chen and husband Les Moonves. Picture: Getty

AMERICAN TV host Julie Chen has made a public show of support for her husband, CBS chief Les Moonves, who faces a wave of allegations of sexual misconduct.

Chen stood by her husband when he first publicly faced allegations back in July, but when six new women came forward this week, the talk show host took leave from her day job, as a panellist on daytime show The Talk, and maintained a public silence after releasing a brief statement saying she needed to “be with family.”

But it was in another of her on-screen roles, hosting US Big Brother, than Chen let the public know where her allegiances lie.

Signing off for the episode as she sat opposite a contestant from the show, Chen bid viewers farewell.

“From outside of the Big Brother house with Brent, I’m Julie Chen-Moonves, goodnight,” she said, adding her husband’s surname to her own — for the first time in the history of the show she’s done that, EW notes.

Julie Chen and husband Les Moonves. Picture: Getty

Julie Chen and husband Les Moonves. Picture: GettySource:Getty Images

This show of support comes as horrifying details emerge of the allegations against Moonves, who stood down from his role as President and CEO of the network that also employs Chen.

The New Yorker magazine reported the women’s new accusations, which included Moonves forcing them to perform oral sex and retaliating when his advances were turned away.

Moonves acknowledged relations with three of the women but said they were consensual, and that he had never used his position to hurt the careers of women.

In a statement to the magazine, Moonves said the “appalling accusations” are untrue, but he acknowledged consensual relations with three of the women before he started working at CBS.

Viewers fiercely debated Chen’s show of support for her husband, many criticising the presenter for standing by her man given the slew of detailed sexual abuse allegations he faces:


SH: Remembering Robin: ‘You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it’

Dr Muller investigates whether vitamins are worth it or just a waste of money.

HERE’S the best of TV this weekend.


I’VE seen a lot of big name celebrities pass in my years as a journalist — Whitney Houston, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, George Michael and Anna Nicole Smith spring to mind — but none of them hit home quite like Robin Williams.

When most people think of Williams, his frenetic madness understandably springs to mind. But he also had a tender side (Good Will Hunting, What Dreams May Come) and a hearty independent spirit (Boulevard, The Night Listener) that was worth celebrating.
Of course, his devotion to family entertainment was unparalleled.

This weekend you can catch some of the highlights from his breathtaking body of work — including Jumanji, The Fisher King, One Hour Photo and one of the most beloved comedies ever — Mrs Doubtfire.

Foxtel’s Family Movies, Saturday from 11.15am

Matthew Lawrence and the cast of Mrs Doubtfire

Matthew Lawrence and the cast of Mrs DoubtfireSource:Supplied


One minute she’s on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the next she’s embarking on her very own Greek odyssey. Does the gal ever stop? In this four-part series Lumley explores the fine line between ancient and modern Greece and meets some delightful characters on the way.

SBS, Saturday, 8pm

Joanna Lumley’s looking all-white. Hope she packed the Napisan Plus.

Joanna Lumley’s looking all-white. Hope she packed the Napisan Plus.Source:Supplied


This special looks at the many efforts to preserve elephants in Sri Lanka, through the eyes of a perilously ill and orphaned calf in desperate need of some TLC. It’s simply too cute for words.

Foxtel’s Nat GeoWILD, Sunday 6.30pm

Baby elephants are divine. Fact.

Baby elephants are divine. Fact.Source:Supplied


Kids really can do the darnedest things. Tonight you’ll meet a group of Spanish flamenco dancers, a mini Shakespeare, an auctioneer and a basketball trickshooter who has to be seen to be believed.

Channel 7, Sunday 7pm

Will Titus make the shot from such towering heights? His future sponsorship deal with Red Bull depends on it.

Will Titus make the shot from such towering heights? His future sponsorship deal with Red Bull depends on it.Source:Supplied


With one day until the main bathroom reveal, things are reaching fever pitch on The Block and some are coping better than others.
Poor old Spence is having glue dramas with his tiles and he’s close to giving up; Courtney is on a mad last-minute dash to find the perfect hanging plant and Jess discovers her bathtub is made of plastic, which isn’t exactly befitting of a penthouse.
Will judges Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer and Shaynna Blaze even notice?
Once those pesky producers give them a head’s up they will.

Channel 9, Sunday 7pm

The cast of The Block or Hawaii Five-O? You decide.

The cast of The Block or Hawaii Five-O? You decide.Source:Supplied


This week Russell tests out new camping equipment, has a run-in with rabbits and shares a few outback safety tips. Which may come in handy, like never.

Channel 9, Sunday 7.30pm

Russell enjoys a bit of ‘me time’ with a trusty brew.

Russell enjoys a bit of ‘me time’ with a trusty brew.Source:Supplied


Tonight kicks off a week devoted to the master of suspense’s most memorable films, starting with the iconic Rear Window starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. Catch a different Hitch masterpiece every night — including Dial M For Murder (Monday), Vertigo (Tuesday), the brilliant Psycho (Wednesday), The Birds (Thursday) and Frenzy (Friday).

FOX Classics, Sunday 8.30pm

Actor Janet Leigh in a scene from the 1960 classic Psycho.

Actor Janet Leigh in a scene from the 1960 classic Psycho.Source:Supplied


This year the world will spend a staggering $100 billion on vitamins and supplements. Are they really the modern day elixir we all need? Or simply the waste of money many medical professionals claims? Dr Derek Muller investigates and it turns out to be quite an epic journey across the globe.

SBS, Sunday 8.30pm

Dr Muller investigates whether vitamins are worth it or just a waste of money.

Dr Muller investigates whether vitamins are worth it or just a waste of money.Source:Supplied

Friends fans can’t get enough of this Ross Gellar lookalike

Friends stars Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc.

A FACEBOOK post by police in northwest England is going viral after they posted a photo of a thief who is the spitting image of David Schwimmer.

The Blackpool Police posted a photo of the man with the caption: “Do you recognise this man? We want to speak to him in relation to a theft at a Blackpool restaurant on the 20th September.”

Blackpool Police are searching for this man. Picture: Blackpool Police

Blackpool Police are searching for this man. Picture: Blackpool PoliceSource:Supplied

The real David Schwimmer.

The real David Schwimmer.Source:Getty Images

Within 12 hours, the post had received more than 75,000 comments with the majority of them making jokes about the thief’s likeness to the Friends star.

“I know who he is,” wrote Facebook user Jayne Freeman. “He has a son named Ben, loves the taste of wedding cake and he hangs around with some people in a coffee shop. He has a dinosaur fetish. Hope that helps with your inquiries.”

“I have just seen him at Blackpool zoo with a monkey on his shoulder,” Karen Long wrote in reference to Ross’s pet monkey on the hit sitcom, Marcel.

Friends stars Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc.

Friends stars Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc.Source:News Limited

Danny Harrod joked on Facebook that people should give the thief a break.

“Calm down everyone. This bloke could have fallen on hard times. Maybe it hadn’t been his week, his month or even his year,” he wrote.

One of the best comments came from James Peden who wrote: “If he’s jumped in Blackpool sea you’ll never catch him. I’ve heard he’s a really good Schwimmer.”

Referencing another Friends star, Sam Marshall said: “When questioned he couldn’t remember a thing, he drew a LeBlanc.”

Blackpool Police had a bit of fun with the comments too.

“Thank you to everyone for your speedy responses. We have investigated this matter thoroughly and have confirmed that David Schwimmer was in America on this date. We’re so sorry it has to be this way,” the police wrote.

News.com.au understands the thief is still at large.

James Weir recaps Married At First Sight episode 10

Is it me or is it Ines, who knows.

Married At First Sight’s former adult virgin has narrowly dodged another visit to the ER after his wife dropped a revelation about her past that scandalised him to his pure core.

Lauren has been so good about Matthew being an adult virgin. Apologies, former adult virgin. But she’s getting frustrated with his innocence. So she decides to let him in on her past. She’s hoping it will enhance their intimacy and give her relationship the kick it desperately needs. His reaction ruins everything.

Every night on this show, a new revelation surfaces. The most shocking moment is not the adult virgin being hospitalised or the C-word being hurled around. It’s not even Lizzie’s pizza-toast.

The most shocking moment of the entire series is these thongs on a coathanger. The attempt at tidying-up and displaying something quintessentially bogan is kind of a metaphor for this entire show.


Symbolism.Source:Channel 9

Jessika’s still upset she was called fake the other night and it’s just getting ridiculous. Lady, get real — you’ve had so much work done you’re barely recognisable anymore!

Some people just go too far.

Some people just go too far.Source:Channel 9

After being labelled a nasty cantaloupe at last night’s commitment ceremony, Ines has had to overhaul her look and go incognito. She couldn’t even walk down the street this morning without people yelling out from passing cars, “Hey ya big cantaloupe!”

She’s darkened her hair and bought a leather motorcycle jacket. To really throw people off, she’s even smiling. It’s like a completely different person.

Who dis?

Who dis?Source:Channel 9

Ines and Bronson roll up to John Aiken’s office for their mandatory therapy session and, in the space of 12 hours, Ines has really changed her attitude. She’s just super positive and ready for change.

“My life sucks right now,” she tells us.

Everyone’s interpretation about what transpired last night on the couch is different. Avoiding a battle, Bronson takes responsibility for his part.

“I felt disgusting,” he admits. “I could’ve used a lot better words to describe how I was feeling or how I thought she’d been treating me. I could’ve used a lot better vocabulary. And I’m sorry I used that language.”

And now Bronson expects Ines to own up to her behaviour. She stares at the ground. Anything to say, Ines?

“I felt highly attacked,” she sniffs.

Yes, but, is there anything you want to apologise for?

“No,” she shrugs after a long pause.

So there wasn’t anything you did? Anything you regret?

She stares blankly.

“I don’t regret anything,” she eventually whispers.

Bronson has to use all his willpower to not call her a cantaloupe again.

‘Put the cantaloupe down. Put the cantaloupe down.’

‘Put the cantaloupe down. Put the cantaloupe down.’Source:Channel 9

Ines says what she needs to in order to get John Aiken off her back. She eventually just mumbles some crap about being committed to Bronson and the experiment and then she makes a break for it.

But it’s all a lie. She’s not committed to Bronson. There are bigger plans in the works.

“I have been thinking about another husband and if he is DTF,” she tells us while making a cup of tea.

She lays down on the couch and embarks on some old fashioned online thirsting. Successfully locating Sam’s Instagram, she scrolls through digital reams of shirtless selfies.

“He is so hot. It’s crazy. Like, he is stunning,” she smiles to us while looking at Sam’s slicked-up body.

And then she does it. She slides right into his DMs.

“Hello,” she types, adding that emoji of the chicken hatching out of the egg. It’s a bizarrely cute and innocent emoji for Ines to use. But it only enhances her unhinged ways.

In an apartment down the hall, Sam’s phone vibrates. He looks at the message. And then he looks up at Lizzie.

Cute top.

Cute top.Source:Channel 9

“She wants to meet up in the sauna,” Sam tells us before reading out one of the messages. “‘Come over bubba’. I’m her bubba, apparently.”

Ew. We’d rather touch Lizzie’s carpet shirt.

Upstairs, Lauren and Matthew are getting just as adventurous.

“What’s your favourite colour?” Matt sheepishly asks.

He ventures further. “What’s your favourite meal?”

‘Sex. Sex is my favourite colour.’

‘Sex. Sex is my favourite colour.’Source:Channel 9

Lauren is getting frustrated. She has been so patient with Matthew. His innocence was endearing for a week. But now she really just wants some action.

When Matthew asks his next innocent question, Lauren decides to drop a bombshell that will shake him to his pure core.

“What’s something about you no one else would know?” he giggles, thinking his wife will reveal what her favourite Disney movie is.

Lauren doesn’t even think about her answer.

“I used to be a lesbian,” she says.

Wonder what Rhonda will think.

Wonder what Rhonda will think.Source:Channel 9

“You don’t know the half of me yet,” she tells her husband.

Matthew’s stunned. He misses the simple days — where sex was for old people and talking about your favourite colour was more than enough. The days where voraciously reading next to each other felt so good.

“I don’t know what to ask now. I really don’t,” he stutters to us. “I find asking questions really awkward. So for me the obvious solution was say nothing.”

Lauren’s confession hangs in the air and Matthew doesn’t acknowledge it. Mainly because he doesn’t know how. It infuriates her. She was so supportive when he admitted he was a virgin and she has been so understanding with his intimacy issues. And now he’s not giving her anything.

“It shocked Matt. He went silent and won’t talk. He just shuts down,” she tells us. “I’m not impressed to be honest. That stuff should just flow. It should just come naturally. He should have a thousand things to ask me.”

Get it gurl.

Get it gurl.Source:Channel 9

Lizzie has been feeling guilty about calling out Ines at last night’s commitment ceremony. It’s been rolling around in her head and she wants to make good — even though Ines has not given Lizzie a second thought and would actually be more touched if Lizzie made an effort to stay far away from her.

We see Lizzie wondering the hallway with yet another family block of chocolate.

Pizza toast will probably also happen.

Pizza toast will probably also happen.Source:Channel 9

Elizabeth bursts into Ines’s apartment and plonks down on the couch, handing over the really big block of Dairy Milk as a peace offering.

Ines is just delighted to have Lizzie in her personal space.

“I can’t take Elizabeth seriously because she looks like The Joker and Big Bird had a baby,” she spits to us.


Ummm.Source:Channel 9

Lizzie is so scattered and intense that it hinders her ability to read social situations.

“I’m so sorry,” she says, staring into Ines’ eyes.

“It’s OK,” Ines snaps.

“No. It’s not. I’m sorry.”

“Please leave.”

“Nope. I’m the one who should be sorry.”

In a bid to get Lizzie out of her apartment, Ines tells her there’s a Napoleon Perdis down the road that’s having a closing down sale. Lizzie’s out of there in a flash.

“I’ll eat the chocolate, while I think about her husband,” Ines grins to us, clutching the chocolate to her chest.

It’s a purely psychotic moment. And I can’t wait to recreate it and do an impersonation every time I eat a family block of Cadbury.

Is it me or is it Ines, who knows.

Is it me or is it Ines, who knows.Source:Channel 9

Tom Cruise tells you how to adjust your TV for Mission: Impossible Fallout





You may have never heard of the ‘Soap Opera Effect,’ but if you buy the Blu-ray (4K or standard edition) for Mission: Impossible Fallout, you’ll be treated to an unusual plea before the movie begins: Tom Cruise, the movie’s star, and Christopher McQuarrie, the movie’s director, encourage you to turn off the motion smoothing feature in your TV’s settings. Often referred to as the Soap Opera Effect, the feature removes motion blur and makes film look like video, which is not how the filmmakers intended Mission: Impossible Fallout to look.

CNET’s written about the Soap Opera Effect in the past (this is a good article about it), and we agree wholeheartedly regarding turning off motion smoothing while watching films (it has its purpose for other content, such as sporting events). However, it’s not always so easy to find in the settings, and some people don’t even know it’s in on.

Cruise took time out from shooting Top Gun: Maverick to shoot the short public service announcement and posted a tweet about it. While McQuarrie wanted to amplify the conversation about motion smoothing, he told CNET he doesn’t want to come across as a film snob or taking a shot at the feature. His only issue, he says, is choice.

‘When I’m making a movie, I work hard to squeeze the life out of every dollar,’ McQuarrie said. ‘Then I see the best television money can buy with a feature that inadvertently makes even the biggest budget productions look like they were shot for the lowest possible budget. It’s on by default and it takes me 10 minutes to turn it off. When a movie looks better on a smartphone, how is that a feature and not a bug?’

Pose star MJ Rodriguez: ‘It made my heart melt’

MJ Rodriguez is a star of stage and TV. Picture: John Lamparski

AS ONE of five transgender leads in a major TV show, M.J. Rodriguez is breaking through boundaries.

Pose is set in the 1980s underground ballroom scene, where the marginalised transgender community came together and held events in which they sashayed and competed — it’s the kind of incredible spectacle you have to see to believe.

Rodriguez, who has appeared in The Carrie Diaries, Nurse Jackie and on stage in productions of Rent, plays Blanca, a new House Mother who builds her own family.

She spoke with news.com.au on what a show like Pose means to someone like her and about her own past in the ballroom scene.

Pose is set in the 1980s underground ballroom scene

Pose is set in the 1980s underground ballroom sceneSource:Supplied

To people that aren’t familiar with the ballroom scene, what’s the essence of it to you? How do you describe it to them?

I have so many ways I can explain the ballroom scene. But the essence of the ballroom scene would be elegance, extravagance and fabulousness to its 100 per cent. It’s a place where you can be whoever you want to be inside of already being who you are. It’s a place where you can express through clothing, through movement, it’s also a place where you can find comfort and home with others who are just like you. That’s the essence of the ballroom scene.

When Pose and Blanca was pitched to you, did you have any reservations or concerns about how your community would be portrayed on screen?

You know, it’s funny, I never had any reservations or concerns because I knew was part of the community and that I would do my very best to represent my community. I was so happy I was a part of it for a specific time in my life. I had a House Father and I had brothers and sisters who were in the community so I wasn’t too concerned. I probably felt like it was a duty and responsibility I had to take on, and it was more important than the show — especially our African-American trans stories.

The case of Pose speak onstage during the Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour. Picture: Frederick M. Brown

The case of Pose speak onstage during the Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour. Picture: Frederick M. BrownSource:Supplied

With your background and experience in the ballroom scene, did you bring any of that to the set that had an impact on the script or the characterisation?

Yeah, there were many things I had brought from the ballroom scene into the script, as well as some things from outside the ballroom scene that I brought into the script. Obviously, vogueing is a very, very important aspect of the ballroom scene as well as runway and I had learnt runaway from my House Father, Timothy J. Smart, and I made sure I did him justice by walking the way he taught me.

What were some of the reactions like when the show aired in the US? Have people reached out to you with their own stories?

I’m glad you asked that because there were many, many people who contacted me through instant messages on my Instagram — most of them young kids who were saying I have a House Mother just like you or I had a House Mother who passed away and I’m so glad I can see her through the TV screen. Just to see the younger generation seeing people who are representing them and giving them the hope to be whoever they want to be. It made my heart melt, it made my heart chords burst a little bit.

You mentioned that kids have reached out to you who are part of the scene. If Pose had been on air when you were a kid, what would that have meant to you?

If I had seen Pose in the years I was a kid, it would have probably meant everything to me. Not only would I have been able to see people like me on the screen, that would’ve also been a catapult for me at the time to either fight harder to move forward. But if it were to happen to me at that time I’m sure it would’ve made me even stronger than I am today, I think it’s pretty great.

MJ Rodriguez is a star of stage and TV. Picture: John Lamparski

MJ Rodriguez is a star of stage and TV. Picture: John LamparskiSource:Getty Images

A lot has been made of the significance of this series being the first to feature five transgender characters as main characters. Being on set together, what was that like?

Well one, having us all on set, most of us know each other which I think is a blessing in disguise. Most of us have known each other through work we’ve done together, most of us have known each other from events we’ve seen each other at. So being able to see not only five women but five women of trans and Latina experiences. They’re not the same generic stories that you always hear — these are five different specific stories that many people can relate to. I think it’s beautiful that people get to dive into each story and see the human aspects of each and every one of these characters.

Now that we’ve had Pose, where do you think trans representation will be in five years?

I think possibly down the line in five years, I think transness will possibly be not even a factor when it comes to acting. I think women of all walks of life and walks of experiences will be able to go into the roles that they choose. Actually, I think it might happen earlier, the wave is starting now, the outlook is really, really great.

Netflix’s interactive Black Mirror movie is here, in case 2018 wasn’t twisted enough



Don’t misunderstand Netflix‘s latest stab at interactive TV based on the ones that came before: This one definitely isn’t for kids. 

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is Netflix‘s latest take on interactive video. But where Netflix‘s previous efforts were animated tales aimed at children, Black Mirror takes the new format in a darker, more mind-warping direction. 

Interactive video often feels like a gimmick, a digitization of the choose-your-own-adventure books of old. But rapid advancement in the technology is expected to pave the way for the format to develop in its own sci-fi-like directions. The coming rollout of 5G — ultra-fast, high-bandwidth mobile connections — is one example of technology that also opens up possibilities for reinventing interactive video (along with a mess of privacy uncertainties).

That interactive video’s future already has the tinge of Black Mirror to it makes Bandersnatch a fitting turn for Netflix. 


Netflix is calling Bandersnatch its first ‘interactive film,’ which seems like an aptly subversive way to further twist the literal meaning of the word film. (Once upon a time, it was something actually screened by projecting celluloid film.) The movie typically runs for about 90 minutes, depending on the choices that you make at the plot’s branching points. Bandersnatch has more than 1 trillion possible permutations of its story, but the piece has ‘five main endings’ that viewers can eventually end up with, according to Netflix. 

The interactive episode was first reported by a Bloomberg report in October. 

It’s Netflix’s first interactive program that isn’t a cartoon for kids. The company introduced simple interactive episodes last year with children’s specials, like a story based on the Dreamworks’ character Puss in Boots. The title let a kid pick whether Puss, for example, fights against a god or a tree by choosing with a TV remote control or by tapping on a device’s screen.

Bandersnatch preserves that A-or-B plot choice format, but the movie gives it a self-referential spin by building the story around a literal choose-your-own-adventure novel. The story is built around a 1980s video-game programmer named Stefan attempting to create a blockbuster text-based computer game inspired by that kind of branching-lot novel given to him as a child. In Black Mirror fashion, the author of this novel went insane and decapitated his wife. So, yeah, not for kids. 

Bandersnatch is available to experience on ‘most newer devices,’ according to Netflix, including TVs, game consoles, web browser, and Android and iOS devices running the latest version of the Netflix app. But you can’t watch on Chromecast, Apple TV and some legacy devices, it said. 


The Rock as Man of Steel? Dream casting for Superman, Batman



Now that actor Henry Cavill is reportedly out as Superman and Ben Affleck may be done playing Batman, speculation over who should be cast next to don the iconic superheroes’ costumes is stirring up social media. 

An array of talented actors have played Superman and Batman in the past, but it might be interesting to see new faces playing two of the most popular characters in the DC Universe. 

Here are a few suggestions. 


Jon Hamm

Former Mad Men star Jon Hamm says he’s ‘never had a conversation with anybody about it, literally,’ but that doesn’t mean he’s not interested in playing the Caped Crusader. In fact, the actor has admitted to being a huge comic book fan since childhood and said Wednesday he’s ready to wear the suit if asked. ‘I’d probably fit the suit. I’d have to work out a lot, which I don’t love. But, I am sure there’s an interesting version of that being out there,’ he said in an interview for In Depth With Graham Bensinger. ‘And if they wanted to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to do it, why not?’ 



Karl Urban

While most fans of all things geeky probably remember Karl Urban most for his role as the sarcastic Dr. Lenard ‘Bones’ McCoy in the recent Star Trek films, he also impressed Marvel fans as Skurge in Thor: Ragnarok. But his lead role in the 2012 comic book action flick Dredd really showed off his talent for playing a disgruntled antihero who doesn’t suffer fools (or villains). His version of Batman could be a great balance between gritty and witty.



Idris Elba 

Even though British actor Idris Elba broke many fans’ hearts when he said he wouldn’t play James Bond in the popular movie franchise, I can’t help but think he’d make a fantastic Bruce Wayne. He’s got a knack for portraying complex antiheroes who sometimes bend the law to get justice, as he does in his lead role in the British crime drama Luther. He’s also stood alongside superheroes as stoic character Heimdall in the Thor and Avengers movies. 



Nathan Fillion

Actor Nathan Fillion is more likely to wear a policeman’s uniform, thanks to his current TV role in The Rookie on ABC, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be convincing as a millionaire playboy with a secret identity. Fans already saw his roguish qualities in the TV series Castle and Firefly. Fillion recently gave a convincing performance as an action star as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted fan film that went viral this year. 

Nathan Fillion in


Michael B. Jordan

The actor has already proven his action star skills playing Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther, so playing Superman isn’t totally out of the question. According to a report from Deadline Wednesday, Warner Bros. wants to take a ‘completely different direction with its Superman canon,’ and may even be considering casting Michael B. Jordan in the role ‘down the road.’ Now that more movie and TV studios are looking to diversify well-known characters, this could be the perfect match.



Matt Bomer

Playing a charming thief in USA Network’s White Collar, the assassin in 2016’s The Nice Guys and various characters in the American Horror Story TV series, actor Matt Bomer has shown he can play everything from nice guy to intimidating mercenary. With his steely good looks and brooding intensity, Bomer is already a dead-ringer for the kind of Superman fans are already used to. 



Dwayne Johnson/The Rock

Considering Dwayne Johnson is pretty much Superman in real life with his chiseled features, superhero-level body and good-natured personality fans love, he could give the character a much needed fresh take. Johnson has already proven his athleticism as an action star in everything from Rampage to Skyscraper.  He can also pull off humor as he did with his role in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and this could come in handy playing Superman if the studio decides to make the superhero less dark and more lighthearted. But considering he’s currently the highest paid actor, Johnson might be out of the studio’s price range. 



Singer claims The Voice coaches are told who to turn for

The Voice 2018 grand finalists: Sam Perry, Aydan Calafiore, Bella Paige and Sheldon Riley. Picture: Dylan Robinson


A singer has claimed he was guaranteed by producers of The Voice that he’d make it through to the semi-finals if he agreed to appear on the reality show.

The claim, which a Voice spokesperson dismissed as “ridiculous”, suggests the celebrity coaches are told who to turn their chairs for in the blind auditions.

Singer Thom Phillips, who works as a producer on the Mix 102.3 breakfast show in Adelaide, told radio hosts Jodie (Oddy) and Soda (Mark Soderstrom) that he was approached to appear on last year’s season of The Voice.

“Early last year they found my online profiles and my music and then they reached out to me via email to ask if I wanted go on the show,” he said.

The Voice

The Voice’s 2018 season coaches: Joe Jonas, Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland and Boy George.Source:Sunshine Coast Daily

Mr Phillips told the radio hosts that after turning down the offer, he was contacted by a senior producer who told him he’d definitely make it through to the second round of the talent show.

“They rang me up, the head honcho producer rang me up, and they just wanted to know a bit more about me, my story,” he said on air this morning.

“Obviously because I’ve got a young daughter, Nala, I’m a young dad and that bodes well for this type of program.

“They said, ‘We can promise you if you do decide to join the show that you will get through to the semis at least.’

“These are stunning claims,” co-host Jodie Oddy said. “So when Kelly (Rowland) hits her buzzer or Delta (Goodrem) or whoever is on there … they would have been told by producers, ‘You have to turn around for this one?’”

“They’re given a big heads up,” Mr Phillips suggested before repeating what the senior producer allegedly told him on the phone.

“That’s what they said, ‘We can guarantee you, wink, that you’ll get through to the later rounds on the show.’”

Despite being encouraged by his partner to accept, Mr Phillips again turned down the offer from The Voice.

The Voice 2018 grand finalists: Sam Perry, Aydan Calafiore, Bella Paige and Sheldon Riley. Picture: Dylan Robinson

The Voice 2018 grand finalists: Sam Perry, Aydan Calafiore, Bella Paige and Sheldon Riley. Picture: Dylan RobinsonSource:News Corp Australia

The singer’s claim comes after Grant Denyer yesterday exposed what happened during a “disastrous” day of filming on the current season of The Voice in Sydney.

“They were running three hours over and the audience had already been there for nearly nine hours for a record,” Denyer said on the 2Day FM breakfast show.

“It got so bad that the audience … started booing in the record. When the judges started pressing the buzzers, people were like, ‘Boo!’ They were revolting.

“The staff had to lock all the doors to the recording studio and they manned the doors and refused to let anybody out. People were trying to storm out and leave and say, ‘You can’t stop me!’ And they saying, ‘Yes we can!’”

Denyer claimed that The Voice staff stood in front of the doors and blocked the exits and refused to let people leave before filming finished, a claim that a spokeswoman for The Voice has denied.

“It got so bad that audience members started ringing the cops,” the radio star said on air. “They were calling triple-0 at the exits saying, ‘I’m being held against my will at Studio 3 in Fox studios at The Voice set.’”

In a statement to news.com.au, a spokesperson for The Voice said: “As for Grant Denyer’s ridiculous claims, no police were called to the Knockouts record, no doors were ever locked and no audience members are ever forced to stay.

“Equally ridiculous is the suggestion that any promises are made to any artists about how far they will progress in the competition.”